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 Frequently Asked Questions - The information below is in general terms and may not be completely up-to-date depending on current playing circumstances.  Contact an AGSA Board Member with any specific questions you may have.

Q: What if my daughter hasn’t played softball before?  Can she still signup?

A: No problem! That’s what our recreation league is all about—learning to play.  AGSA is open to all girls, regardless of experience.  The league is designed to be instructional, challenging, and fun!

All age levels, every year, have players that are new to fast pitch softball—even within 12-and-under (12U) and 14-and-under (14U) age groups.  Most teams have a mix of new players and experienced ones.


Q: I don’t understand the 6U, 8U, etc.… terminology.  What does that mean?

A: Our league teams are broken down into different age groups.

                                T-Ball: 3-4 year olds

                                6U: 5-6 year olds

                                8U: 7-8 year olds

                                10U: 9-10 year olds

                                12U: 11-12 year olds

                                14U: 13-14 year olds

                                16U: 15-16 year olds

There are exceptions to that rule.  Players that show advanced skill may play up to another age group with board approval.  Age groups that do not have enough players to make a team may be combined with another age group.  Also, depending on where the player’s birthday falls, they may not be the exact age of a specific group.  See question below. 


Q: What age group will my child be in?

A: Your child’s "playing age” is based on their actual age on January 1st of the current year.  Example: It is January 21st 2012 and time to sign up for spring softball.  Your child was born January 15th 2003 and just turned 9.  However, since on January 1st 2012 she was 8, that player is still eligible for 8U but can also play 10U.  People have differing options on whether to play up or down and we’ll leave that decision up to you.


Q: Where are games and practices?

A-1: In the spring, most, if not all, of your games will be at Pearson Park in Alvin.  Practices will be in Alvin at Pearson Park.  Gameplay is generally on weeknights and practices will be determined by your team’s manager and space availability.  Exceptions are opening and closing weekend plus any optional outside tournaments your team wishes to participate in.

A-2: In the fall, AGSA normally teams with outside associations for game play.  Those associations are usually Friendswood and Bay Area.  Your practices will be in Alvin at Pearson Park but games may be in the surrounding area depending on your child’s age.  Each year one association will get a specific age group for game play then the next year those age groups are flip flopped.   Games are usually every other weekend and practices will be determined by your team’s manager and space availability.
We are asked quite a few times before registration as to when your child will practice.  This is completely up to your coaches and space availability.  If you would like more input on your child's practice time we are always looking for coaches.  Please consider volunteering.  It is a very rewarding experience.


Q: Can I late register if I have missed regular registration?

A: Late registrations may be taken depending on whether or not your child's specific age group is full.  No late registrations can be taken after our uniform order is due.  There is an additional fee for late registering. Contact AGSA's registrar for space availability after registration closes.


Q: I need my child to carpool with another player parents.  Can she be on the same team as that player?

A: No. Unfortunately, we have had people abuse that privilege over the years and to keep play fair, we had to discontinue that practice.


Q: What does my registration fee pay for?

A: Fees pay for items such as the following: jersey top, general use equipment, insurance and lights at the park.  It takes an incredible amount of money to keep AGSA running.


Q: How can I help?

A: Show your support by attending as many games as possible and by helping out during practices, if you can.  Keep in mind that these are young children out on the field and they need lots of encouragement.  Don't yell at them when they make a mistake; they will feel bad enough already!  Be positive!

We appreciate and welcome criticism of a constructive nature.  But keep in mind that there are many different ways of doing things; don't criticize a manager or coach simply for doing things differently than you would.  If you have a legitimate complaint or suggestion, we do want to hear from you.

The only way to make things get done your way is to do them yourself, i.e., become a coach. Every year we need coaches.  This is a fun and rewarding experience.  Coaching takes time, but it is time spent that can have a significant impact on the lives of a number of young people.  We require that all of our coaches attend an AGSA coaching clinic.  If you are interested in coaching you may simply fill out the coaching applications and bring it to registration or we will also have them on-hand.

If you are interested in helping even more, and can invest a little more time and want to have more responsibility, we have a way!  Our league is run by a small, hard-working group of volunteers. Every year we need new members for the board of directors. If you are interested, talk to one of the current board members.  To find a list of board members select "AGSA Contacts” on the left hand menu.